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About us

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Founded in 2020 with the goal of providing fast, affordable & secure parcel delivery in Sri Lanka. We handle next day parcel delivery and Cash on Delivery orders. We provide real time tracking for our customers & parcel receivers.

  • Fast

    our time is extremely valuable. That is why we strive to deliver your packages as fast as possible.

  • Secure

    We make sure your packages are safe, not damaged and reach the right person.

  • Affordable

    Our rates transperent, affordable and competitive.

Mr. Sanjeewa Arandara,

He is the former General Manager of T & FG Group.
During his time in the apparel industry, he managed 100s involved in the production process
and where helped streamline the apparel manufacturing process to save costs &
boost productivity for his employers. Now, he aims to bring this knowledge & experience
to streamline the delivery process & improve customer satisfaction.

Our Customer Satisfaction is our goal

We go all the way to make sure that your customer is satisfied with the process of the delivery. We know that your package needs to reach to your customer on time and at their convenient time.

Safety of your Package is priority

We value your hard work, our delivery officers are trained to handle the packages safely and We keep in Line with PHI guideline to make sure that package handling is safe during pandemic time.

Our Delivery Officer’s Safety First

We take all effort to make sure your package reaches on time by scheduling and dispatching in advance. We do not risk the life of our delivery officers on the road or especially during bad weather. We value their safety and Health all the time.

Open Door Policy

You are always welcome to talk to our management regarding your dissatisfaction or complaints. We welcome your criticism humbly as we believe that your criticism will construct us better

We respect your Privacy

Your details are confidential with us.

Transparency in Operations

You hold the right to know about your package.
Our customer relations and operations will let you know the exact status of your package.